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   We are glad to welcome you on the pages of the cattery of Siberian Neva Masquerade cats. Animal lovers have a theory that all people in the world are divided into those who love dogs the most and those who are more fond of cats.  And so, we belong to the second half of humanity and really love our pets. There are plenty of weighty arguments in favor of acquiring a fluffy purebred boy or girl cat for your household:

- it's a new family member

- pride in its pedigree and participation in exhibitions

- loyal furry friend who is pleasant to spend free time with

- the opportunity to travel with your pet

- a cure for bad mood and much more


   It is so nice when, after a hard working day, a fluffy pet, who is always sincerely glad to see you, meets you at the doorstep. Life instantly becomes much more beautiful! Of course, children and adults love spending time with both small kittens and adult animals. After all, a cat is so nice to stroke. It allows one to experience a lot of pleasurable tactile sensations. And watching your fuzzy rascal play fun games can substantially boost your mood in a matter of minutes.


   We are a duо consisting of catteries VolgaNeve (Antonina Chernyshova) and Russian Show (Sergey Nikitin and Natalya Nikitina). They are regular participants in international exhibitions.


   Male and female cats from our cattery are recognized WCF champions. They are regular participants in international exhibitions.


   We will tell you more about the Neva Masquerade cat breed and answer the questions that we are most often asked.


Description of the breed - Neva Masquerade cat


   The basis of this unusual breed is a Siberian cat. The uniqueness of the breed lies in the fact that these animals do not cause allergic tears due to the minimal presence of antigens in saliva. The name "Neva Masquerade" was born during the exhibition in St. Petersburg because of the unusual coloring. It is called color-point or Siamese color. There are about seven popular colors. Blue eyes, graceful gait and affectionate character complement the image of the Siberian aristocrat.


   Male and female cats of this breed look like large individuals with soft semi-long hair, round eyes and a wide tail. A thick woolen collar frames the neck, paws are covered with fur, and elegant, fluffy breeches (panties) on hind legs.

With good care, the Siberian color-point can live for up to 15-20 years and more.

  They rarely get sick thanks to their stable immunity. The Neva Masquerade cats have a pretty easy-going and uncomplicated nature. They possess innate good manners and high intelligence. Cats of this breed have no problems adapting to the litter box. They easily get accustomed to the rules and order in your house and do not conflict with other animals. They love to sit in their owner’s lap, and in difficult times they will support with an encouraging purr.

   These brave animals always steadfastly protect their offspring. Individuals of this breed are extremely curious and they stick their little noses everywhere. Also, the descendants of Siberian bloodline love to walk in the fresh air.


Conditions for the transfer of kittens


   In our cattery we have charming kittens of the Siberian breed Neva Masquerade waiting for you. They are very eager to meet their future caring owners. All kittens are already vaccinated. Each one of them has a full package of documents and a pedigree.

   Our experts are often asked: when is it appropriate to take our kitten home?

   We answer: sweet little fur-balls move to a new house at 3.5 months of age. By this time, the kittens will have already been vaccinated and trained to use the litter box and scratching post. The parents of each kitten are tested for genetic diseases and are negative for FeLV, FIV, PKD, HCM. This means your pet will not be overtaken by a sudden illness to which purebred animals are exposed.

   If desired, a kitten can be reserved by paying its cost in advance. Our cattery provides delivery assistance in Europe and America.


Advantages of working with our cattery:


- we have a long history since the day of our founding and all the relevant certificates

- our experts properly look after and take care of the health of the cats

- all cats are vaccinated on time as evidenced by their medical records

- all animals meet all the breed standards

- we will readily answer all your questions and give comprehensive information on the care and maintenance of the kitten


   We invite you to purchase a Siberian kitten of the Neva Masquerade breed of the most popular colors from titled and healthy parents.


Do not hesitate, the Neva Masquerade is the very breed of kitten that you have long dreamed about!

Congratulations on the New Year

Dear friends! Congratulations on the New Year! I wish that all hardships and adversity remain in the past, difficult year. Let the New Year bring only joy, love, happiness and health.

Дорогие друзья! Питомники VolgaNeve & Russian Show Поздравляют Всех с Новым годом! Желают всем счастья, творческих успехов и процветания!

Dear friends! Catteries VolgaNeve & Russian Show Happy New Year! Wishing everyone happiness, creative success and prosperity!

Happy event!

Happy event!
May 21, 2019 in our cattery VolgaNeve was born on 5 gorgeous kids Congratulations to our favorite dad Tolstoy from Russian Sharm and mom Daisy VolgaNeve!!!

April 27, 2019 in our cattery VolgaNeve was born on 6 gorgeous kids Congratulations to our favorite dad Tolstoy from Russian Sharm and mom Ariadna VolgaNeve !!!

Радостная новость!

December 4, 2018 in our cattery VolgaNeve was born on 4 gorgeous kids Congratulations to our favorite Tolstoy from Russian Sharm and Annabel VolgaNeve!!! 

Радостная новость!

1 November 2018 in our cattery VolgaNeve was born on 5 gorgeous kids Congratulations to our favorite Ch. Tolstoy from Russian Sharm and In.Ch. Лилиана Снежная Зима!!!


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